PhD defence: Peter Christiansen

Today, Friday, November 3rd 2017, Peter Christiansen successfully defended his PhD thesis titled TractorEYE: Vision-based Real-time Detection for Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture.
Peter’s PhD study was part of the now completed SAFE project, which sought “to develop autonomous agricultural machinery that will be able to harvest green biomass and cultivate row crops – without animals or humans being exposed to any type of safety risk”. Peter’s work focused on detecting obstacles and traversable areas using RGB and thermal cameras. He achieved this by both incorporating state-of-the-art methods from computer vision to his specific domain as well as developing his own novel methods, such as DeepAnomaly.

Congratulations to Peter from everyone in the Vision Group. Thank you for your collaboration, source of inspiration and our discussions throughout the years. We hope to see you back in the group soon.

Peter’s presentation at his defence can be seen in the video below.

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