Safer Autonomous Farming Equipment

Automation of the agricultural sector is at the top of the agenda – both in terms of the new EU Framework program, Horizon2020, as well as the global need for more efficient usage of our food resources. Here, robotics has proven to be effective in many areas – amongst others when it comes to the increasing demands for safety within the agricultural sector which is in the process of becoming increasingly automated.
The SAFE project focuses on the safety-related issues.


The aim of the SAFE project is to develop autonomous agricultural machinery that will be able to harvest green biomass and cultivate row crops – without animals or humans being exposed to any type of safety risk. Today, autonomous agricultural machinery is already being used in the fields. However, this machinery requires continuously monitoring in order to ensure the safety of humans and animals.

This is why the SAFE project brings together the major manufacturers of agricultural machinery and the universities in order to develop advanced sensors, perception algorithms, and rational behaviors for semi-automated tractors and implements and finally autonomous robots. This will enable the machines to detect the presence of humans and/or animals in its vicinity which will then prevent accidents and, to a much greater extent than today, prevent injuries inflicted on animals (deer, birds, etc.) hiding in the field.



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Recently, we have published the FieldSAFE dataset, which is a novel multi-modal dataset for obstacle detection in agriculture.


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