Plant Seedlings Dataset

The Plant Seedlings Dataset contains images of approximately 960 unique plants belonging to 12 species at several growth stages.
It comprises annotated RGB images with a physical resolution of roughly 10 pixels per mm.

The database have been recorded at Aarhus University Flakkebjerg Research station in a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University.

We hope that the database will provide researchers a foundation for training weed recognition algorithms. For more info about dataset, see the dataset description paper

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The dataset contains three files: Original raw images, automatically segmented plants, and single plants, that are not segmented:
Raw images (9.7GB)
Nonsegmented single plants (1.7GB)
Segmented single plants (258MB)


The database consists of the following species:

Danish English Latin EPPO
Majs Maize Zea mays L. ZEAMX
Vinterhvede Common wheat Triticum aestivum L. TRZAX
Sukkerroe Sugar beet Beta vulgaris var. altissima BEAVA
Lugtløs kamille Scentless Mayweed Matricaria perforata Mérat MATIN
Fuglegræs Common Chickweed Stellaria media STEME
Hyrdetaske Shepherd’s Purse Capsella bursa-pastoris CAPBP
Burresnerre Cleavers Galium aparine L. GALAP
Agersennep Charlock Sinapis arvensis L. SINAR
Hvidmelet gåsefod Fat Hen Chenopodium album L. CHEAL
Liden storkenæb Small-flowered Cranesbill Geranium pusillum GERSS
Agerrævehale Black-grass Alopecurus myosuroides ALOMY
Vindaks Loose Silky-bent Apera spica-venti APESV


Below you will find an example image taken from the database:

Chickweed sample

Below you will find samples of each species from the database:


Creative Commons BY


If you use this dataset in your research or elsewhere, please cite/reference the following paper:
PAPER: A Public Image Database for Benchmark of Plant Seedling Classification Algorithms


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Kaggle competition

The images from this dataset have been subject to a Kaggle image-classification competition. We encourage all to take a look at the dataset and commit their solution to the competition. If you are interested in testing your algorithms on weed images ‘from the wild’ with no artificial lighting, you can find some samples at:
Images From The Wild (15MB)

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