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The Open Plant Phenotyping Database [OPPD] is a public dataset for visual recognition tasks on images of plant seedlings.

The dataset consists of 7,590 RGB images with 315,038 plant objects, representing 64,292 individual plants from 47 different species. Each plant species has been cultivated using three growth conditions (ideal, drought and natural) and tracked temporally to achieve high intra-species variability.
The physical resolution in the images measured at soil level is roughly 44 pixels/mm2

The database currently feature samples from the following species:

EPPO codeLatin nameEnglish name
ALOMYAlopecurus myosuroidesBlackgrass
ANGARAnagallis arvensisScarlet pimpernel
APESVApera spica-ventiLoose silky-bent
ARTVUArtemisia vulgarisCommon mugwort
AVEFAAvena fatuaCommon wild oat
BROSTBromus sterilisBarren brome
BRSNNBrassica napusRapeseed
CAPBPCapsella bursa-pastorisShepherd’s purse
CENCYCyanus segetumCornflower
CHEALChenopodium albumFat-hen
CHYSEGlebionis segetumCorn marigold
CIRARCirsium arvenseCreeping thistle
CONARConvolvulus arvensisField bindweed
EPHHEEuphorbia helioscopiaUmbrella milkweed
EPHPEEuphorbia peplusStinging milkweed
EROCIErodium cicutariumCommon stork’s-bill
FUMOFFumaria officinalisCommon fumitory
GALAPGalium aparineCleavers
GERMOGeranium molleDove’s-foot crane’s-bill
LAPCOLapsana communisNipplewort
LOLMULolium multiflorumItalian ryegrass
LYCARAnchusa arvensisCommon bugloss
MATCHMatricaria chamomillaScented mayweed
MATINTripleurospermum inodorumScentless mayweed
MELNOSilene noctifloraNight-flowering catchfly
MYOARMyosotis arvensisField forget-me-not
PAPRHPapaver rhoeasCommon poppy
PLALAPlantago lanceolataNarrowleaf plantain
PLAMAPlantago majorBroadleaf plantain
POAANPoa annuaAnnual bluegrass
POLAVPolygonum aviculareProstrate knotweed
POLCOFallopia convolvulusBlack bindweed
POLLAPersicaria lapathifoliaPale smartweed
POLPEPersicaria maculosaRedshank
RUMCRRumex crispusCurly dock
SENVUSenecio vulgarisCommon groundsel
SINARarvensisCharlock Sinapis
SOLNISolanum nigrumBlack nightshade
SONASSonchus asperSpiny sowthistle
SONOLSonchus oleraceusCommon sowthistle
STEMEStellaria mediaCommon chickweed
THLARThlaspi arvenseField penny-cress
URTURUrtica urensSmall nettle
VERARVeronica arvensisCorn speedwell
VERPEVeronica persicaCommon field speedwell
VICHIVicia hirsutaCommon hairy tare
VIOARViola arvensisField pansy

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If you use this dataset in your research or elsewhere, please cite/reference the following paper:
PAPER: Open Plant Phenotype Database of Common Weeds in Denmark


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