Datasets for insect detection

Datasets for object detection of insects in time-lapse recordings published in paper:
Bjerge K., Frigaard E. C., Karstoft H., Motion Informed Object Detection of Small Insects in Time-lapse Camera Recordings, 2022, arXiv

Figure 1. Color and motion-informed-enhanced image with one honeybee
Figure 2. Zoom of annotated insect in color and motion-informed-enhanced image

The zip files contains images and annotations in YOLO format.
Subfolders (XML) in the train and validation datasets do also have annotations in Pascal VOC format.

ultralytics/yolov5: YOLOv5 🚀 in PyTorch (

Image and label files are named:
Image file: S1_0_20220717111730.jpg
Label file: S1_0_20220717111730.txt

S – Identification of camera systems: S1, S2, S3, S4 (Two cameras in each system)
C – Identification of camera with Id=0 or Id=1 in system identified by S
YYYYMMDDHHMMSS – Capture timestamp with year, month, date, hour, minutes, and second

Train datasets with color and motion-informed-enhanced images
(2,499 insect annotations in 3,783 images)
MD5 hash: 8b92c8de39ca9e515cbf102291ddd8165fbe34c7
Unzipped size: 1.35 GB
Files: 9398
MD5 hash: 8b35ba06cd3835d5a43c7ee1f9cf3891775168b4
Unzipped size: 2.81 GB
Files: 9398

Validation dataset with color and motion-informed-enhanced images
(568 insect annotations in 946 images)
MD5 hash: 3679197105d0c49c3e5a2cee6a508313472cf37e
Unzipped size: 348 MB
Files: 2332
MD5 hash: 33f3f395dae19e0ea2aa33e1fdc97f1d8692c860
Unzipped size: 729 MB
Files: 2332

Test datasets from camera sites with a week of annotated time-lapse images
(See paper Table 4 for detailed information of content, nearly 15,000 files in each zip file)
MD5 hash: 893ecce931b35ee334d5687b4568ed5baafdea8b
Unzipped size: 5.72 GB
Files: 14294
MD5 hash: 16fe86661df2860405a8119e04dd9c90b3d345a2
Unzipped size: 3.26 GB
Files: 15592
MD5 hash: e50ced96073c831610e289479ebcfa7cbe5662b5
Unzipped size: 2.94 GB
Files: 14449
MD5 hash: b18dd9113c3d70173c61d64131fbd457d0ad56ce
Unzipped size: 3.72 GB
Files: 14795
MD5 hash: 2fcedd894a800ef4605ed1fae634be5f6e496f69
Unzipped size: 4.60 GB
Files: 17017
MD5 hash: a071a570f0a7a1b210ea3262ef56fde48def17c8
Unzipped size: 4.67 GB
Files: 17051
MD5 hash: a071a570f0a7a1b210ea3262ef56fde48def17c8
Unzipped size: 4.48 GB
Files: 16176

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